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Trained in health & hospital administration from Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Nilanjan has been working in the field of community health over a period of time. During this period, he has been associated with developing, planning and execution of many R & D activities which are focused on disease prevention & control, health systems research, mental health and early childhood care & development. His study subject child- and he prefers to work on child health and related social issues that have an impact on health and development. His diverse areas of interest include programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, strategic management, health information management, family impact analysis of program and policies. He has done extensive work on immunization, malnutrition, health issues of family migration, homeless people, HIV and Hepatitis-B. After completion of IFS from TISS, he is also carried forward his career with the child rights issues to contribute for a social change in India. Presently his work is focused on the issues related to social sciences in health. His special project on family Importance of Family Centered Practice: Approach towards improving nutritional status of the children attending primary school in an urban slum of Bangalore, provides a picture on ground level realities. This project develops an intervention in the light of family centered practice to improve nutritional status of the children. The project envisaged the importance of family involvement in programs and policies. a prime importance, the intervention builds up the capacity of the family in terms of improving health hygiene and nutrition education, to provide safety nets and security for the overall growth and development of a child through school and education system. This intervention has been developed to combat child malnutrition by not only improving nutrition but also considering essential social determinants that have an impact on child health.

Sohini from New Delhi, has pursued her Bachelor's , Masters and then M.Phil from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Post her M.Phil, she has shifted to New-Delhi and started working in a policy research organization, Taking active part in policy decisions of the country has been a great exposure for her. Later she started working with Udayan Care, a non-profit-organization which works for quality care of orphaned and abandoned children. During her course period with MA-IFS, for the Special Project in Family Studies, she had analysed the Foster Care Model, the concept and viability of this intervention in Indian perspective taking Udayan s flagship programme, Udayan Ghar- Sunshine homes for children who are orphaned or abandoned nurtured in the warmth of a family as a Case Study. It has been a great learning experience for her to understand various perspectives of families from an international point of view.

In area of social work, Mumtaz has an experience of 10+ years, working with the AKDN She has an MBA (finance), Pune University, International Adolescent Education Programme (AKDN USA, SEARCH Institute USA) and Life Skills Trainer (Tata Institute of Social Sciences). As the CEO , Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, CEO, Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board, Involved in the development & implementation of strategic plans/policies to ensure organizational growth. Core competence in social work and financial management in specifics. Specialized in ascertaining needs and goals, reviewing internal systems/procedures, and streamlining the existing operations, Management Coach for Senior Management, Conducted Management Development Programmes for over 2000 individuals, General Manager, Balaji Finance Pvt. Ltd., A Facilitator and Coach for Entrepreneurs at the District Industrial Corporation India, Ahmednagar. She is currently heading a private education based firm "ZOFIA Learning and Development Solutions Pvt Ltd", in Mumbai which works with a belief of commitment to education and capacity building.

Vijay Laxmi Nayak is the eldest in the family among children and has three sisters. She has qualified the UGC-NET in 2003. She worked in National Institute of Pubic Co-operation and Child Development (NIPCCD), Lucknow, India as a Project Investigator Call Trend analysis of Lucknow Childline' Pictorial Booklets of Child Rights and Child Protection' in 2003. Following this she joined SPARC-India, an organization in Lucknow working of Children and people with disability as a coordinator of a community based rehabilitation programme for people with disabilities in the slum of Lucknow. After shifiting to Varanasi she joined SARC (Social Action and Research Centre) and KIRAN Centre as a project officer for education and rehabilitation of children and youngsters with disability.

Suman S. was born and brought up in Kerala, India. Her parents are medical practitioners. She was awarded with scholarships and won accolades in early years. She is a Technical Writer cum Editor.

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