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Barb is currently pursuing her Masters in International Family Studies. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree from Buena Vista University, majoring in Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

In her current position as a Student Development Specialist, she works at retaining "at-risk" college students, with a case load of 225. Almost 60% of these students are recent immigrants or refugees in the United States from African countries. Her job entails providing a wide range of supportive services from academic advising to personal counseling to assistance with accessing resources such as housing and much more.

Prior to this position, she worked for Omaha Housing Authority, at the Spencer Development as the Academic Coordinator. There she worked diligently to reduce truancy for youth 5-18 years of age, by overcoming many barriers resulting from poverty and the associated lifestyles of living in a dangerous neighborhood. This included collaborating with the schools and area agencies to establish strong partnerships, having a study center that she managed after school hours for all the children that resided in that development, to doing home visits, and providing supportive services to the families.

Barb is very passionate about assisting individuals and families facing adversity to gain the skills necessary to overcome those obstacles to become self-sufficient and stable. Through this program, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight from an international perspective which has been beneficial in her current position and as she pursues research regarding the demographics she serves.

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