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Comfort Olutoyin Ajayi

Comfort Olutoyin Ajayi currently works as a registered nurse in a specialized geriatric unit in a mental health facility of a tertiary hospital in Australia. She has always loved learning and having new experiences. She completed her first tertiary education qualification in Estate Management. Then she completed a Diploma in Public Management (Human Resource Management), a Diploma in Social Studies, a Certificate in Play and the Developing Child and a Certificate in Working with the Older Person.

In 2012, she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the University of Newcastle and this experience of having a world class alma mater prompted me to choose to undergo a Post-Graduate education at the University.


Karen is an international author, speaker, business owner, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, parenting and relationships authority.

Trained in the fields of psychotherapy, parenting and relationship counselling Karen has helped thousands of couples and families resolve problems ranging from communication and relationship conflicts to parenting issues and concerns over children's behaviours.

Karen has done a considerable amount of work in the field of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Family Therapies. Karen's main focus is the stability of families and their relationship. Her Special Project consisted of a research evaluation of an in-home parenting program that Karen currently conducts for parents. Her aim is to teach parents communication skills and how to set boundaries for children in a non-conflictual manner. Karen follows the lead set by Bandura in regards to modeled behaviour and supports parents to choose appropriate techniques to model to their children for more beneficial results. This enables the family unit to remain or develop a strong bond and enables the children a sense of belonging and stability.

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